Commercial Bathroom Projects

At Jaquar, we pride ourselves on delivering premium commercial bathroom supplies that can be seamlessly integrated into commercial environments such as retail stores, offices, hotels and more to meet both the practical and aesthetic needs of even the most demanding projects.

When it comes to commercial bathroom design, there are numerous considerations to take into account when managing the project - from the design concept to adhering to budgetary restrictions, building regulations and more. Luckily, our expert team of bathroom consultants are on hand to help you navigate through the process and find the best possible solutions to meet your needs and the needs of the end user.

Versatile commercial bathroom solutions

Recognising the distinct requirements needed for successful commercial bathroom design is all part of our service. Whether you’re designing a small bathroom for a single retail store or rolling out designs for a large-scale hotel or commercial office space, our products can be adapted to find the right products to meet your objectives.

Our choice of premium products for commercial bathrooms covers everything from compact basins for modestly sized commercial toilets to high-spec whirlpool baths and wellness products for suave and exuberant penthouse ensuites. Whatever interior design objectives you have for your commercial space, we’ll help bring those visions to life.

Size matters

With many commercial development projects, the bathroom is often the area where developers and interior designers look to save on space - which can make commercial washroom installations even more challenging.

To help overcome potential size concerns, you’ll find an extensive range of commercial bathroom solutions that cater for bathrooms of all sizes. From compact sinks to large bathtubs, we’re on hand to discuss sizes, specifications, features and colours on all our products to provide suitable solutions whatever dimensions you’re working with.

Finding the balance

The modern commercial bathroom design now goes beyond pure functionality, meaning interior designers and building developers must strike the right balance between function and aesthetics for a harmonious finish. This is where we can help - with bathroom products that beautifully combine both style and practicality, our range works in any setting to ensure this balance is achieved.

From sleek hidden toilet cisterns in commercial toilets to quality porcelain sinks and finishing touches, at Jaquar you’ll find all the essential elements needed to create a function-first space that also delivers on style.

Durability and sustainability

With frequent use, it’s also essential that commercial bathrooms are designed to be durable and efficient in terms of sustainability, which is why opting for quality installations will be beneficial for both your business and the planet.

With the latest innovations for water-saving taps and shower heads, our premium products will deliver optimum functionality for users, while also conserving water that promotes cost savings and reduces environmental impacts. Beyond this, our products are designed with durability in mind - ensuring they’re made to withstand heavier use in commercial environments like retail stores, hotels and offices.

Whatever plans you have for commercial bathroom design, we’re confident we can help you create a space that projects a long-lasting premium finish that’s functional and fashionable.

If you’d like to discuss your next commercial bathroom design project in more detail, simply get in touch with our team today. With expert knowledge of our complete product range and a greater understanding of the unique needs of your project, we’ll work with you to find the right solution that meets all your objectives.

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