In-wall i-flushing system

In-wall i-flushing system, 22 mm with Dual Flush Push Button Actuation & Control Stop Valve
Product Code: FLV-CHR-1075

The I-Flush Advantages :

• Installs directly in 22 mm (3/4”) pipeline
• Saves money and water
• Saves the space needed for a flush tank
• Makes repeated flushing possible, unlike in-wall cisterns which take time to fill up after flushing
• No need to wait if waste is not cleared in one flush
• Makes flushing less noisy than cisterns
• In-built control/regulator valve
• Easy maintenance - the control stopcock can be shut with the help of a control key provided on the plate. The cartridge can be accessed by simply removing the front actuation plate
• Aesthetic appeal - slim wall plate imparts a clean look to the bathroom
• Works even at a pressure as low as 1.5 bar
• From duct bend to product’s inlet, the pipeline used is 20 mm, resulting in savings

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