Single Lever Basin Mixer

Single Lever Basin Mixer without Popup Waste, with 375mm Long Braided Hoses
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Flow Rate 7.63 LPM @ 3 bar
Recommended Water Pressure 1.0 Bar - 5 Bar
Brass Specification in Percentage

Brass Ingots as per IS:1264-1997
Cu (58.0-63.0), Sn (0.0-1.0), Pb (0.5-2.5), Ni (0.0-1.0), Al (0.2-0.8), Mn (0.0-0.5), Total
Impurity (0.0-2.0), Zn (Remainder)
Brass Rod as per IS:319-1989
Cu (56.0-59.0), Pb (2.0-3.5), Fe (0.0-0.35), Total Impurity (0.0-0.7), Zn (Remainder)
Brass Sheets as per IS:410-1977
Cu (61.5-64.5), Pb (0.0-0.3), Fe (0.0-0.075), Total Impurity (0.0-0.6), Zn (Remainder)

Cartridge Specification

“Cartridge with Brass Spindle
Life Cycle EN 817: 70,000 cycles (Standard)
- 2.1 LAC Cycles as per EN 817*
- 10.5 LAC Cycles (ON/OFF)*”

Water Tightness 16 bar (Pass)
Pressure Resistance 25 bar (Pass)

“Plating: Nickel-13.0 micron Chromium-0.40 micron
Salt Spray (700 hrs + Validated)
Adhesion (Pass)”

Finish Antique Bronze (ABR), Antique Copper (ACR), Black Chrome (BCH), Black Matt (BLM), Gold Dust (GDS), Full Gold (GLD), Graphite (GRF), Stainless Steel Finish (SSF) & White Matt (WHM)