Inspired by this magical touch of art, the luxury lifestyle/wellness-brand Artize aims to create inspiring artful spaces in an area one rarely associates with the word ‘ART’ – the bathroom. Artize is a classic blend of unique designs, minimalistic shapes, and meticulous finishes that sets new benchmarks in redefining the landscape of luxury bathrooms. Born From Art, as the name suggests, Artize is set to redefine the ‘form’ that one is used to in a typical bathroom space. Connoisseurs of beauty and art around the world can look forward to inspiring designs that shed the old garb of ‘what one knows’ and move to a unique experience of ‘what one sees’ - never for a moment appearing ordinary, mundane or every day. An artistic representation of exquisite craftsmanship that inspires, transforms and delights.

‘Art’ manifests itself into the brand Artize in several measures. It is not about the mere possession of luxury but a reflection of refined taste that cannot be bought into. The product design philosophy, its timelessness, intrigues even the most discerning. Even the Ateliers that the products are showcased at seamlessly blend immersive sensorial experiences with tasteful, artistic elegance. The resplendent products in the Artize range come from the minds and imaginations of the foremost designers and craftsmen from around the world – each of them starting with a tabula rasa to shape a form so unique that it attests to an arresting and poetic experience to a space that is otherwise prosaic..

Luxury created responsibly

In a world where water in increasingly becoming a precious resource. Artize is acutely aware of its responsibility to offer a luxurious bathroom experience that is also delivered with sensitivity towards the environment and minimised wastage of water.

Winning Designs, Worldwide

Artize products are conceived by globally renowned designers who use Artize's 'Craftsmanship' approach to create objects of unsurpassed aesthetic and functional qualities. this thinking has resulted in many achievements for the Artize brand, including winning the prestigious Red Dot, Good Design and iF design awards, among others.

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