It's the Small Things that make a Big Difference

Be it designing a tap or making accessories for a coordinated bathroom, or even building our global headquarters, we at Jaquar don't lose sight of minute details. We make those a little better. Every time. That's how we've been exceeding customer expectations since 1960. Creating value and growing our business, responsibly. In stature, in sales, in service support and sustainability and across the world.

Green Products

Pressmatic and Sensor Taps, Sensor Urinals, and Flow Restrictor products, Jaquar Group has a whole range of certified solutions that offer significantly lower water consumption without compromising performance.

Environmentally Responsible

Jaquar's Group zero-waste manufacturing plants recycle 150,000 litres of water every day and 11,680 tonnes of brass every year, and generate 5.4 MW of solar energy. Our global headquarters is LEED Platinum Certified by USGBC.

Innovative Thinking

Built on a platform of the highest quality standards and aesthetics, Jaquar Group invests in continuous R&D to create products that can withstand tough conditions. And works with leading international designers to create award-winning, world-class products that are better, safer and smarter.

Trusted Customer Care

Jaquar Group has always focused on offering an unbeatable ownership experience with an unmatched service network that's easily accessible, trained technicians on call, a Preventive Maintenance Service, and a 10-year warranty on our products.

Community Development & Value Creation

To support weaker sections of society through initiatives that lead to social and financial inclusion, Jaquar Group Foundation has over 30 ongoing projects covering the fields of education, health, sanitation, potable water and skill development. Taking a holistic approach to growth, Jaquar Group aims to offer value not only in terms of the consumer offering, but also to the distribution and sales network, as well as our own teams by developing their skills and capabilities.

Delivering Excellence through R&D

Zero-defect is a quality absolute that governs all our products and designs. To ensure performance and longevity, all our products undergo a series of rigorous tests at our R&D Centre that's equipped with the latest technology and advance testing processes.

  • Design: Full-fledged design department
    • Equipped with latest 3D modeling design softwares
    • Team of ace designers and engineers
  • Product Development
    • Advanced prototyping machine for product modelling

State of the Art Lab Facilities

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    Tests impurities in plating solutions. Maintains high quality plating for longer life.
  • Hull Cell Apparatus
    Preventive testing of plating tanks.
  • Millipore Water Purifier
    Ultra pure water for precise analysis
  • Denver Digital Balance
    Weighs chemicals up to 0.1 milligram
  • Life Cycle Testing Machine
    Tests product endurance for smooth functioning
  • Salt Spray Test
    Test corrosion resistance of plating
  • Plating Thickness Test
    Tests for optimum plating thickness
  • Flow Rate Test
    Tests for maximum flow efficiency
  • Pneumatic Airt Test
    Air test for leak-proof functioning
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
    To test organic compounds in raw materials
    Maintains parameters for high quality plating – for enchanced product life
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